Get Waisted


Get Waisted is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle and great for safely transporting your stuff.

With a pocket to hold a smartphone, two zippered compartments, and an outlet for easy headphone access, the belt keeps your hands free so you can focus on things that matter.

Make the most out of the things you love. Run, play with kids, and travel. Your phone and valuables will be safely stored on your waist. Enjoy things that matter. Hands-free.

The sleek, fashionable belt easily zips around the waist and keeps all your possessions in place, whether you're running, traveling, or lifting weights at the gym.

Get Waisted is available in 5 colors and manufactured with high-quality, washable spandex fabric that's strong yet lightweight, making it a perfect balance of comfort, style, and flexibility. Its durable construction means it can keep up with everything you do.

Lastly, it's so thin, you can wear it under your clothes.

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